Re: PY support for gnumeric under Win

Le vendredi 06 janvier 2012 à 15:22 +0100, Schorsch MCMLX a écrit :
Dear Jean,

We could never get Python support in the Windows version. Actually the
issue was that functions written in Python made gnumeric crash. We would
need a developper using Windows to debug the issue.
hmmm, do you think that issue could probably be resolved by using gdb 
under Win??

Hopefully yes, if the bug is in gnumeric code at least.

Then I would give it a try. I suppose, the first step would be to try 
to successfully compile gnm 1.10.17 using gcc 4.6.2 under WinXP/Win7, 
wouldn't it? I admit that the remark " that recompilation is very 
difficult.)" on the gnumeric website does not read encouraging...

Not sure that anybody ever built gnumeric under any Win version.

I experienced some problems with the Linux PY API, too, when trying to
add extended precision functions relying on mpmath, e.g., the 
description strings did not appear in gnumeric. So there might be 
problems hidden in the PY API code as well. Do you still have contact 
to the developer of the PY API code (living in Poland, if i remember 

I have no idea, this code was written before I entered the project.


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