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Dear Morten,

Congratulations for this great release!

Can we expect a Windows port in the near future?

Best regards,

Frédéric Parrenin

2012/12/19 Morten Welinder <mortenw gnome org>
Free, Fast, Accurate -- Pick Any Three!

The Gnumeric Team is proud to announce the 1.12.x series.
This is the product of almost two years of development.

What's New?

*    Gnumeric is now based on Gtk+ 3.x.
*    Dual license: Gnumeric is now dual licensed GPLv2/GPLv3.
*    Better ODS import and export.
*    Graph improvements: data labels; scattered min-max plot type;
rich text in labels.
*    Gnumeric is now even more accurate. For example, we have
eliminated rounding of intermediate results so functions like SUM are
now even more accurate. For example, computing SUM(1,1E-20,-1) now
produces 1E-20.
*    Gnumeric is slightly faster and uses slightly less memory for
large workbooks.
*    Start-up time has been improved by embedding, for example, the
user interface files into the executable.
*    The test suite has been improved, causing us to identify and fix
a number of minor bugs related to XLS, XLSX, and ODS filters.
*    It is now possible to format numbers as SI units causing the
proper prefix to be used.


Gnumeric 1.12.x requires the new Goffice 0.10.x library series, a
fairly recent libgsf, and a GTK+3 stack. See here for details.


Morten Welinder
On behalf of the team
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