Re: how to make pie chart of categorized things?


You need to evaluate the data you want to plot somewere in the sheet.
You might use the sumif function for that. If you use, say, colums H and
I, you might fill them with:

H               I
Fun             =sumif(B:B,concatenate("=",H1),G:G)
Need            =sumif(B:B,concatenate("=",H2),G:G)
Buisness        =sumif(B:B,concatenate("=",H3),G:G)

You don't need to type the formula in all cells in column I, just copy
the one in I1 to the other cells.
Then you can use the data in the plot.

Hope this helps,

Le vendredi 30 novembre 2012 à 11:11 -0900, Britton Kerin a écrit :
Hi folks,

I was going to use gnumeric as a way to keep track of my expenses.

The attached screenshot shows the trouble best, but here's a description:

The plan was to create one row per expenditure, with some classification
tags, so I could then make pie charts and such to keep an eye on things.

Unfortunately the pie chart doesn't do what I want: it give me one slice per
row, rather than one slice per category.

Any pointers to the easiest way to get what I'm going for?

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