Re: sumproduct with "names" // fine in libreoffice, #VALUE! warning in gnumeric

PS: expenses, therefore amount_temp<0, as the column also contains income...


On Sun, Oct 23, 2011 at 11:07 AM, <fellowsgarden gmail com> wrote:

I just installed gnumeric (on ubuntu) for the first time and tried to open a document from libreoffice calc.

Gnumeric returns an error message for this field, when opening the document:


The cell shows the #VALUE! warning.

Both in openoffice / libreoffice this works, and is supposed to return the sum of all expenses _excluding_ rent (which it does, in oo & libreoffice).

Gnumeric does recognize the sumproduct function. It, too, recognizes the "names" I defined (it shows a rectangle around them, resp., when I F2 the problematic field).

I hope you have an idea :)


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