gnumeric and frequency distributions


Just installed Gnumeric and am impressed about the overwhelming number of functions. Great to find a whole menu just for Statistics and rich possibilities for Descriptive...
However, I cannot find the functionability i seek, maybe I overlooked something?

Quite often, I extract data directly from histograms in articles, which do not provide adequate descriptive measures, e.g. Medians. I would like to calculate medians, quartiles and the like from these data, which come in form of frequency distributions, not raw data.
Example: n1= 2 frequency 4, n2=4, frequency 6, n3=5 frequency 9. In my old Texas TI 30, i would enter it like that, and then be able to calculate som statistics, but I haven't found any program, however advanced, which seem to offer this functionality. Instead, I will have to enter the value "2" 4 times and so on.

All best


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