Re: Lookups across multiple sheets

On Thu, 26 May 2011 17:25:40 +0200
Mark Verboom <mark verboom net> wrote:

IFERROR helps a lot, thanks! The only grief I keep with this solution
is when adding a sheet to the set. I saw some example about 3D
references with the SUM function (like sum(sheet1:sheet5!A1:A100)),
but they don't seem to work for the lookup functions.

Is there any way to consolidate this type of reference? I am going to
use a lot of these, so it would really help in maintainablity.

No, VLOOKUP and its friends only work with a single range.

Why are you putting the source data into multiple sheets?  Is it
possible to revisit your design so that this data all goes into a single

- olly

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