Re: Title Case Sort

Then I sort based on the hidden column rather than the title column.
This works, but it seems a little inelegant; is there a better way to
do it? Thanks!

Not really.

Title sort is complicated -- far, far more complicated than merely looking a
"A" and "The".  See Knuth's Volume 3 pages 7-8 for something approaching
the full horror.

"1812" should be sorted as "eighteen twelve", if English and referring to the
year or the music.  As "Dix..." if French.

"Mrs. Jones" should be sorted as "Mistress Jones".

In other words, you'll need to know things like pronunciation of words, grammar,
abbreviations, which words are names of people and places, what language
any given word comes from.  Etc.

I don't really want to enter that mess.


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