Re: PyWorkbooks - now with distutils, pdf documentation, and works with excel as well as Gnumeric

On 03/20/11 17:14, Cloudform C wrote:
I did alot of work.  I split the base class and built both Excel and
Gnumeric variants on top of it.  I made it work with distutils (with a script) and added doctest documentation. 

You should be able to just install it, import it, and run it.  Tell me
what you think

The contents of the downloaded zip file:


  PyWorkbooksFiles/PyWorkbooks Documentation.pdf

Page 14 of that claims:

  Included in any distribution is
  the folder titled GnumericTutorials.

However, I couldn't find such a folder in the
table of contents(TOC) of the .zip file.
The TOC did have:

  -rw-r--r--      9635  19-Mar-2011  21:05:40
  -rw-r--r--      1458  13-Mar-2011  17:45:38
  -rw-r--r--      2132  19-Mar-2011  21:12:02

Should Page 14 instead read "folder titled GnumericFiles"?
I did open "/GnumericFiles/tutorial_external.gnumeric", and pressed F9
as instructed by the contents of that worksheet as well as
page 15 of PyWorkbooks Documentation.pdf; however, there
were several cells with #NAME? in them indicated the function
calls in those cells were not being found.  Before that,
I had copied the .gnumerics folder from the .zip file
to my home directory as instructed on page 14 of the .pdf file.

Anything else I should do to make the tutorial work?


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