Re: Where are plugin functionality descriptions?

On 03/21/11 07:10, Jim Tarvid wrote:
Don't know which plugin you refer to. 

For example, there's several plugin's with
whose title's suggest linear programming:

  GLPK Linear Program Solver interface
  LPSolve Linear Program Solver interface
  Linear and integer program expression format (MPS) module

Under Tools, there's:


and under that there's, under Model tab:

  Algorithm: GLPK or LPSolve

So, where does:

   Linear and integer program expression format (MPS) module

appear?  IOW, there needs to be some documentaion of
how to invoke these plugin's.

I found my issue - Times Series
Analysis - under Function Reference but the in-program help function is
interminably slow to load (well over a minute to load the Time Series

My help, also on ubuntu, is also *very* slow and the performance monitor
shows 100% on 1 of my cpu's and it showed yelp at 98%; so, I guess
there's some problem with yelp.

link and the Gnome Help search is obsolete in Ubuntu. Once loaded,
application is not obvious.


I would think regression scripts exist which would be enormously helpful.

I would not have made it without the kind assistance of many on this list.

On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 6:20 AM, Larry Evans <cppljevans suddenlink net
<mailto:cppljevans suddenlink net>> wrote:

    The web page:


     If the box contains a check mark, the plugin has been activated and its
     functionality should be available.

    However, where is that "functionality" described?  I've tried
    selecting the function button and then looking at the categories,
    but it's not obvious which to category a given plugin belongs; hence,
    I don't know where to look for a description of the functionality.


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