Re: Full Macro Writer and spredsheet interfacing with python

Thanks for this work.

The big issue with it is the license. GPLv3+ is incompatible with our GPLv2 only license. Not sure that using your work is legal because of the incompatibility between these licenses.

There was an attempt for relicensing, starting with goffice, but it failed. See for details.

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Le dimanche 13 mars 2011 à 21:34 -0500, G Bergeron a écrit :
So I have spent literally ALL weekend writing this class that interfaces with your guys' amazing spreadsheet program.  I hope your all happy with it.  Please check out my writeup of it here:
> Want to read column one?  Well just type gBook["A1:AA1"].  Want to change it, try putting an equal sign.
> I included a tutorial, which should be all you need to start writing python macros in your spreadsheet.
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