Re: I made a python module to bypass the special bindings

I find your contribution interesting. Both Python running Gnumeric and
Gnumeric running Python have been things I wished I could do. 

But my spreadsheet usage comes in surges with no activity between
projects. Also, most of the stuff I do winds up being exported to the
Google docs spreadsheet application. That adds another portability

Here is my comment and suggestion:

Package, organize and comment your programming accomplishment.

      * Put together a subdirectory of sample gnumeric spreadsheets and
        sample python scripts. 
      * The tar archive or zipfile should create a subdirectory and
        unpack your files into that subdirectory.
      * Add enough comments and text material so the user can verify the
        examples are running correctly. 
      * Write documentation. 
              * In particular, write at least three paragraphs for the
                person who is not a python programmer. 
              * The other really interesting problem is tell your
                readers how you pass data back and forth between the two
              * Give a series of copy and paste command lines so that
                the samples can be executed correctly by the reader.
              * Finally, note the Python and Gnumeric version used. Tell
                the user generally about Python library files that may
                be needed.  
Finally, there is the problem of how do you label, name and link to your
resulting project so that Gnumeric users and Python users can find your
project when they go looking for it. 

Your accomplishment needs to have links and titles associated with it.
Here are the titles I might use:

How to run a Python script from within a spreadsheet.
How to run a Python script from Gnumeric.
Gnumeric Python run one in the other.
Get values computed by Gnumeric into a Python program.
Get values computed by Python into a spreadsheet.

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