I made a python module to bypass the special bindings


I'm just a newbie programer who wanted to be able to run python functions in a spreadsheet, and found gnumeric.  What I have written allow to run external functions from within cells without doing all of the special binding stuff (it circumvents binding the functions.  See the example in the linked site)

The code and some of my comments are here:  http://cloudform511.posterous.com/python-addon-in-gnumeric

in my opinion some form of this should be standard to the gnumeric package.  You should not have to write special linking scripts to get data into a python-usable format!

Next I want to write a class that lets you control the worksheet externally using python, but before I can do that there has to be some way to know which workbooks and sheets class to control.  More on this at a later time.

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