Re: gnumeric is slow on certain operations

I am working with a huge spreasheet and find gnumeric anormaly slow for some
operations, like inserting new cells, which should not invoke recalculating

It does, however.  Some functions are sensitive to where
they are called from.  ROW, COLUMN, and INDIRECT for example.
Therefore we need to recalculate moved cells and anything that
depends on them.  If I remember correctly we just ask for
recomputation of everything because it is, in general, faster
than trying to follow dependents of a very large area.

But that doesn't explain why things are slow to begin with.
To evaluate that we would need to see a sample spreadsheet
that misbehaves.  (And you should make sure you are using
a recent version.) is best for this.

A workaround worth trying is to turn off automatic recomputation.


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