column plot with 2 y-axes


I've got a problem in using gnumeric for a column plot with 2 data sets to be displayed on 2 y-axes. 
Everything works fine concerning the selection of data and the addition of the second y-axis, but the bars in 
the chart are overlapping, because i cannot change the position of each data set on the x-axis and by default 
they are located on exactly the same spots in the chart. I need a second y-axis, because the data to be 
displayed on the first and second axis are using different intervals, so that the bars for the first axis 
wouldn't be visible on the second axis.

To illustrate my problem, I have created this data set:

name / value 1 / value 2
a    /    1    / 4000
b    /    4    / 2038
c    /    3    /23081
d    /    4    / 2398
e    /    0    /  345

I would like to have a chart like the plot sub-type on the left in this chart: , just with a second y-axis.

Is it possible to create such charts in gnumeric?

I am grateful for every hint!
Thanks in advance,
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