feature request - batch mode

can it be implemented. Full batch mode allowing entering any command from stdin would be great (allowing manipulation of spreadsheet by other program), but this will be sufficient for my needs

1) (most important)ability to print spreadsheet to postscript like that

gnumeric --batchprint filename.gnumeric >file.ps

without needing $DISPLAY at all.

2) (important) ability to convert from .xls to .gnumeric from command line.

I am using my own programs for bills, accounting etc. and works very well for years. It always generates .gnumeric files as it's output. Actually - it uses interactively made .gnumeric files as templates to which it puts data.

But - i can't make printouts automatically. I always have to run gnumeric just to print resulting files.

For me - not that a problem, but i want to make program for others, that are used by inexperienced users. I want to just have "print" in my program.

for feature 2 - it will allow users that don't have gnumeric but excel or openoffice spreadsheet to change how forms will print without asking me every time.

i need .gnumeric forms for my program as it's text-based and easy to manipulate. XLS is not.

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