Re: Copy-down, -right trick

On Sat, 2011-01-08 at 18:26 +1100, Bob Mesibov wrote:
My wife and I are heavy users of spreadsheets for organising data, and
our spreadsheet of choice is Gnumeric (currently 1.10.8, under Linux).
This morning my wife discovered by accident a copy-down and copy-right
trick in Gnumeric. It's a very handy trick and we wondered whether
it's a designed feature, or sort of a 'helpful bug'?

designed feature


The 2 standard ways to copy down the contents of a cell are (1) drag
the lower right-hand corner of the cell to cover the cells to be
copied into, and (2) select the cell and the empties to be copied
into, then Crtl+D. If you only want to copy down 1 cell, the trick is
to select the empty cell *only* and Crtl+D. To copy right into the
next empty cell, select that one empty cell and Ctrl+R.

The same trick works for strings of cells. To copy down the contents
of 4 adjacent cells in a row, select the 4 empty cells beneath and
Ctrl+D. This is a very useful maneuver when entering data row by row.
Neither the mouse not the Shift key is needed.

The trick doesn't work in OpenOffice Calc, but it does in the one
Excel version we have access to (Excel 2003).

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