Re: Histogram "Bins" tab options problem

On Tue, 2011-02-08 at 13:32 -0500, Daniel P. Dougherty wrote:
Under the bins tab on the histogram dialog there is a possible error in the 
labels.   The issue is how to capture the finite minimum and maximum data 
values in a bin??  I think it is more correct that the 8 rules should each be 
stated as:




Comparing the above with the current git version I see that you are
suggesting (with respect to the first interval):
instead of
and (with respect to the last interval):
instead of

Your suggestion would make the first or last interval significantly
different from the others.

Of course the probability that an observation happens to hit the border
is basically 0 (unless you are really having a discrete distribution and
should be using frequency tables instead of histograms.)

I don't think this maximum/minimum cutoff should really ever be equal to
the value of an observation.


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