Re: Bug #522243: Not display # N/A series in a chart

Le samedi 13 août 2011 à 09:14 +0100, Oliver Burnett-Hall a écrit :
On 12 August 2011 14:43, Jean Brefort <jean brefort normalesup org> wrote:

We have several options:

1. don't display the series in the legend when it's name is actually an
error message such as "#N/A";

I can see this being useful -- you would be able to create a chart
with several series and toggle the visibility of different series by
using a formula for the cell with the series name, and having this
toggle between #N/A! and the series title depending on other cells'

2. don't display the series if all it's data are error values, even if
it's name is valid.

IMHO this would be a bad idea, using error values for data values
makes it easy to have null data points and even null data series; this
could make the series vanish entirely.

3. don't display the series when the series has no valid data.

What's the difference between this and option 2?  For 3 do you mean no
valid data AND an invalid series name?

No, that would be if there is nothing to draw (might be empty cells
instead of errors).

4. always display the series, and rely on the user to uncheck the "Show
in Legend" box if he does not want to see it in the legend.

This is simple and I don't think there is much wrong with it.

This is the current situation. What I'd like to avoid is implement
option 1 and get a bug report from somebody who would like (or need)
seeing error values in the legend.


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