Re: Broken file

The file might be very incomplete. XML is text, any text editor would be
enough to look inside if not compressed. Otherwise try to uncompress it
first if possible.
You might also send the file privately to one of the developers so that
we can see if it can be repaired.

Best regards,

Le lundi 08 août 2011 à 15:52 +0930, Franz a écrit :
i am using G1.10.14 with ubuntu10.10.

My file broke (XML document not well formed!) when I lost power on my 
laptop during a lengthy file save.

If anyone has any experience and/or suggestions on how to repair it, it 
would be very welcome, as I am travelling and the only backup file on my 
desktop at home is by now seriously outdated.

I can use a hex editor if advised.
  I really don´t understand the error message regrading the xml document.

Manz thanks
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