Re: Bug in COUPDAYSNC Function

Hi Morten,

I am not sure which result is correct. I thought you would defend that your result is correct ;)

A1: 9 March 2008 (Settlement Date)
A2: 31 January 2017 (Maturity Date)

For the same formula =COUPDAYSNC(A1;A2;1;0), I tried a work around using following formula:


As COUPDAYSNC returns no. of days betn settlement date and First Next coupon, I used Days360 function to find days between settlement date and next coupon date (found using COUPNCD). 
Here I used 0 as third argument in days360 function in order to specify it is U.S. (NASD) method. 

Now the result is 322. Similar to Gnumeric's result. 


But when I use 1 as third argument in days360 function (European method)

I get the result as 321 similar to Excel/ openoffice.

I am confused here. Please help me to come out of this.


On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 6:42 PM, Morten Welinder <mortenw gnome org> wrote:
Bugs are better filed at which has a far better memory
than anyone on the mailing list.

Without looking closely, this kind of difference typically comes down
to lack of documentation or even documentation that is plain wrong.


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