Re: Gnumeric can`t import/export Excel files anymore

Am Fri, 11 Jun 2010 10:14:56 +0200
schrieb Jean Bréfort <jean brefort normalesup org>:

Are you sure that the excel plugin is enabled? 1.8.2 is quite old,


Le jeudi 10 juin 2010 à 21:08 +0200, Georg a écrit :

since a few days ago Gnumeric 1.8.2 can`t handle Excel files
anymore. The command line doesn`t come up with any errors. When i
try to import an .xls file i get "An unexplained error happened
while opening" error msg. I can`t export any .xls files either.
Gnumeric works just fine otherwise. Btw I can`t upgrade to 1.10.5
because 1.8.2 is the version supported by my distro. Any ideas ?
Thanks a lot. _______________________________________________
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Your're right, all plugins were disabled. Thanks a lot.

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