Re: Binaries for gnumeric 1.10.7 on lucid?

Gnumeric does not require recent gtk+ or so. You may just be missing the dev packages.


A J Guelzow

On 2010-07-10, at 8:56, Jessica Perry Hekman <jphekman arborius net> wrote:

Hi, all. I would very much like to be able to do non-parametric
statistics on gnumeric; I have really enjoyed using it for parametric
statistics the past few months. I see that 1.10.5 and on will do
Mann-Whitney and similar tests (yay -- and thank you so much to whoever
wrote that code).

However, Ubuntu isn't quite bleeding-edge enough for me to compile
1.10.5 or 1.10.7. I actually upgraded from jaunty to lucid yesterday in hopes that I'd get the libraries I needed, but I still can't compile the
latest gnumeric. It wants newer versions of things like libglade and
gtk+, and I hesitate to go down the rathole of installing newer versions
of a bunch of important libraries.

Does anyone have a statically-linked binary of 1.10.5 or later that they
would be willing to give me? I would be hugely grateful. It would save
me having to schlep on to campus and work on a Windows box in a
non-ergonomic environment (I am still sore from doing it yesterday!).

Yours in hope,

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