Re: plugins: possibility to define new data type/format

Actually it would be possible to add a new format, but not inside a
plugin. This needs to be in goffice code. Please file a bug report.

Le vendredi 22 janvier 2010 à 09:00 +0100, Jean Bréfort a écrit :
Le jeudi 21 janvier 2010 à 17:50 -0800, RLa a écrit :
Have a good evening,

As an astronomer, I need to enter coordinates in the classical sexagesimal
format using degrees (0 to 360 with 1/60 and 1/3600 divisions) or angle
hours (0 to 24 with 1/60 and 1/3600 divisions, that's right ascension). 
Using "time" format with "[HH]:mm:ss" is OK, until one has to use
trigonometric functions to perform spherical trigonometry... then you have
to multiply by 180/pi() or 12/pi() in each call to a trigonometric function,
and not to get confused between declination (180/pi) and right ascension

Would it be possible to define a new data type via plugins (angles using
radians internally, but displaying something else via formats, like dates
that are represented internally like an offseted Julian Day) like one
defines functions? 

You can't define such units, but you migth define trigonometric
functions using degrees as intput (or output).


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