Re: Help with opening file

Le mercredi 20 janvier 2010 à 21:44 +0000, Adam Dance a écrit :
Could you please help with a problem. I have recenlty purchased a
UBIsurfer, which has the gnumeric speedsheet program installed. I have
a saved document that we originally constructed in Microsoft Excel,
this document will not open in the Gnumeric program. 
What do i need to do to open the excel file in the Gnumeric program?

It should open. May be the plugin is not enabled:
see /Tools/Plug-ins..., a dialog box pops, and verify that "MS Excel
(tm)" is checked.

If the plugin is enabled and the file still does not open, try to start
gnumeric from a terminal to see if there is any useful message there,
otherwise file a bug report at, product
gnumeric and attach the file or any excel file that would not open.


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