Re: Segfaults with 1.9.12 and latest from git

Le vendredi 18 septembre 2009 à 19:29 +0200, Albert Graef a écrit :
Is the latest gnumeric from git supposed to work? I've tried
gnumeric+goffice+libgsf and I'm only getting segfaults even with the
simplest things in gnumeric. Try to type a number in a cell, open the
formula guru, try to add a GUI element to the table, all give me
segfaults. I'm stuck with GTK+ 2.14.4 on this Linux box, but on the
download page it says that GTK+ >= 2.12.0 should be ok.

1.9.12 works much better for me, but it still has the problem that when
I try to delete a GUI element from a table then gnumeric segfaults. This
wasn't the case in 1.9.2. I really need to get the GUI elements working,
can someone please point me to the relevant source so that I can try to
fix it myself?

This is related to the new canvas. It would be nice to file bugs


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