Re: Plugin API

Le lundi 14 septembre 2009 à 22:55 +0200, Albert Graef a écrit :
Hi everybody,

I've just finished writing a Gnumeric plugin loader for the Pure
programming language ( Works great. :)
But I do have two issues with the plugin API which I'd like to discuss here.

I'm afraid you might have some license issue. libspreadsheet is GPL-v2
only (which is quite unfortunate, see for related stuff)
while your plugin seems to be GPL-v3

First, building a plugin outside of the Gnumeric source tree is a bit
awkward, because the gnumeric-config.h and gnumeric-features.h headers
are needed to compile plugins but they aren't installed anywhere. So
right now I have to tell users to grab and configure the Gnumerics
sources to get these headers. Couldn't those two headers please just be
installed so that 3rd party plugin writers can rely on them? Should be
just a matter of changing the toplevel

I don't understand why you need gnumeric-config.h, gnumeric-features.h
should be enough, and is actually needed since it is included from the
installed numbers.h, please file a bug report.


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