Re: Piping commands from C

Le vendredi 09 octobre 2009 à 13:11 -0400, Gavin Buxton a écrit :
I'm trying to make a computer code user friendly for some students to
play around with and was wondering if I could get gnumeric to open and
do some FFT directly from the c code. I'm already piping commands to
gnuplot for pretty pictures, and was hoping for something similar....
google search failed me so I was hoping you guys might be able to

You don't even need to use gnumeric. goffice has an appropriate function
for this purpose:

void go_fourier_fft (go_complex const *in, int n, int skip, go_complex **fourier, gboolean inverse);

and also a long double version. The skip parameter is used for recursivity and shoud be 1 on input.


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