Re: missing recent files

On Sun, 01 Nov 2009, Andreas J. Guelzow wrote:
On Mon, 2009-11-02 at 12:55 +0800, bill lam wrote:
I can find no "recent files" inside file menu. There is only a "full
history" but that is sorted by file name and not that I want.  I
compile gnumeric by myself, is that also missing in official built?

I have the three most recently used files in the file menu just above
"full history" 

Just above "full history" is "properties" in my file menu.  I'm using
1.9.9, as far as I recall, there was no "recent file" in previous
versions that I compiled.  If that matters, I do not have gconf
installed, and preference settings are saved in .gnumericrc

Can you check under what condition will the "recent file" not
be displayed?

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