Re: more libgoffice help

I'm not sure how you must do at the moment. I'll have to make some tests
and time is missing just now. But you surely need to take plot_area.x
and plot_area.y into account. Anyway this is related to the enhancement
feature #580545 even it is for an xy plot instead if a pie plot.
I intend to woekon that quite soon, and I'll let you know how things are

Best regards,

Le mercredi 20 mai 2009 à 09:53 +0100, jcupitt gmail com a écrit :
Hi all,

I'm displaying a chart with libgoffice and I'd like to map motion
notify event coordinates to axis positions.

I've got fairly close, but I can't see how to take account of the
margins around the edges of the chart :-( Can anyone point me to some
sample code that does this?

Here's what I have:

        axes = gog_chart_get_axes( plotpresent->gchart, GOG_AXIS_X );
        x_axis = GOG_AXIS( axes->data );
        g_slist_free( axes );

        axes = gog_chart_get_axes( plotpresent->gchart, GOG_AXIS_Y );
        y_axis = GOG_AXIS( axes->data );
        g_slist_free( axes );

        gog_chart_get_plot_area( plotpresent->gchart, &plot_area );

        map = gog_chart_map_new( plotpresent->gchart,
                &plot_area, x_axis, y_axis, NULL, FALSE );

        x_map = gog_chart_map_get_axis_map( map, 0 );
        y_map = gog_chart_map_get_axis_map( map, 1 );

        x_canvas = event->x / (double) allocation->width;
        y_canvas = event->y / (double) allocation->height;

        x = gog_axis_map_from_view( x_map, x_canvas );
        y = gog_axis_map_from_view( y_map, y_canvas );

        gog_chart_map_free( map );

        printf( "event->x = %g, event->y = %g\n", event->x, event->y );
        printf( "x_canvas = %g, y_canvas = %g\n", x_canvas, y_canvas );
        printf( "x = %g, y = %g\n", x, y );

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