Re: guessing font width

On Thu, 14 May 2009, Jon K Hellan wrote:
The procedure I suggested will build the version Debian ships, using the same development
pacakages. With the changes you make to the source yourself, of course :-) If you're still
getting build problems, I guess it could be mixing up libraries you've built from tarballs
with stuff installed from packages.

I fully appreciate if you don't have time to do the test, but if you were able to check it,
we could include it in the source. You can remove the extra debian packages afterwards.
However, you do need the disk space for the build.

Hi Jon,

I built the 1.9.3 tarball again and it completed without error
together with the change in font metric as you had suggested.  I guess
my gtk toolchain might become inconsistent because I had build 1.9.4
earlier successfully.

I had enough disk space but only that I want my computer to be
gnome/gconf/kde starch free.

Gnumeric now can open excel files without any font related warnings. ;-)

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