Building 1.9.x to test ODF bug


I was trying to build Gnumeric 1.9.6 (on Fedora 11). I installed goffice 0.7.5 from source beforehand but configure fails for Gnumeric with:

        libgoffice-0.8 >= 0.7.5

    No package 'libgoffice-0.8' found

I'm a bit confused by the use of >= here as 0.7.5 is what I installed and I can't find 0.8 in the goffice sources directory. (I'm assuming goffice and libgoffice are the same thing?). Where can I find 0.8?

The reason I'm trying to build this is that I see an error when I try to open an spreadsheet in ODF format:

    Missing expression namespace

The XML looks fine to me so I'm guessing it's a Gnumeric bug. I was trying to test this with the latest version before reporting this. Unless it's a known issue?

Thanks in advance for any advice on either of these issues,


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