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Le jeudi 19 février 2009 à 19:52 +0100, Richard Kolodziej a écrit :

I've tried Gnumeric (again) to see, if it fitted my needs for a
spreadsheet program or if it was just better than Microsoft Excel or Calc. Well, I've found some things that that don't seem
to be right with Gnumeric and its homepage. I will just speak my mind
and give feedback that could sound a litte harsh, but I don't intend
to offend anybody.

Lets begin with the homepage:

It should be overhauled. It's okay that it just looks old by the means
of "modern" webdesign but it lacks some key elements and throughout
has a major inconsistency.

The homepage is not really maintained. Nobody has both the skills and
available time for that (time being the most important thing). Of
course, you are welcome to volunteer ;-)

1) The mission statement is missing.

    "What is the purpose and the goal of Gnumeric and its homepage?"
would be the main question here. See
for further reading

    Other things I asked myself were:

    "Who are you competing with? Microsoft Excel ( Calc)
or SPSS?" Gnumeric looks like a regular spreadsheet program but is
befriended with the R-Project and can do some accurate statistical
calculations (as linked to "a recent report" ).

    "Why should I use Gnumeric? What are its advantages over Excel,
Calc and/or SPSS?" A nice comparison table would be nice, showing the
benefits of Gnumeric over Excel/Calc(/SPSS).

2) The About page is missing. What is this homepage about and what is
Gnumeric in more detail? This is where the mission statement should be
and more information about Gnumeric. (There should be only a brief
explanation of what Gnumeric is on the landing page, like it is right
now )

3) The Contact page is missing. Hard to find an e-mail address or
webform to contact you, I have to guess my way through "Development:
How can I help" -> "contact us" to finally get an e-mail address.


4) Why are the download links in the news section on the landing page
different and more up to date than on the regular download page? Why
don't you have simple download buttons for any supported GNU/Linux
distribution and Windows?

And now some things about Gnumeric:

5) I have included a screenshot taken on a Windows Vista machine
(don't know if that works in a mailing list). While it may be
important that Gnumeric should be more pleasant to the eye it is of
minor role here (this is a problem of GTK+). The default font size of
my system was increased from 96 dpi to 120 dpi which makes the spacing
of the cells inappropriate. The letters look cropped and in fact,
these are commas and not points in front of the decimal place. And why
isn't the €-sign placed directly after the number but is instead
aligned right (the number left)? For readability reasons it would be
nice to have the currency or any number aligned by the comma (or
point) in front of the decimal space.

Strange, I don't have this behavior (using linux). You might file a bug

6) When you want to close Gnumeric and you made some unsaved changes
it asks you - in this order - to 1) Discard changes 2) Don't close 3)
Save. This is inconsistent with the order of Excel and Calc: 1) Save
2) Discard 3) Abort. (I don't have SPSS installed on this machine to
tell you its order).

This order is quite standard on unix machines. May be we should change
it for the win32 build.

What I would like Gnumeric to be:

Right now, Gnumeric seems to be an okay replacement of Excel but it
also tries to reach up to SPSS (or Matlab). This duality is okay with
Gnumeric should be a simple - in the means of usable not "dumbed down"
- but powerful spreadsheet program without any annoyances between you
and the data (like ribbons -> "Where the hell is the function I
search!?"). It also should be a more simple/usable statistical
calculation program by using the power of R. Adding output beauty
through LaTeX/PDF files for reports would make it perfect.

LaTeX and pdf export are already there (pdf export is done using the
print engine).

These are all just wishes and while I completely lack programming
skills, I know that this would be hard work to implement.

So far about my observations, I hope I didn't offend any one with my opinions.


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