Re: Gnumeric 1.9.4 "Greased Weasel"

So Morten, out of pure curiosity, how didst thou slay the mighty,
unresolvable  February leap date skip fiasco?

         o Put the old 29-Feb-1900 problem to rest.

Ah, that.  We used to dump an error message to the effect
that "someone asked for 29-Feb-1900" to stderr.  We no
longer do that and all functions[*] will give you an error if
you try to access that date.  Likewise, it will format as an
invalid date ("######").

So there is still an extra day number there.  We now just act
consistently (I hope...) in calling it invalid.


[*] Except DATE.  DATE(1900,2,29) gives you the day after
1900-Feb-28, i.e., 1900-Mar-1.  It is well defined (and actually
quite useful) that the month and day arguments can be out of
range.  DATE(y,m,d) is defined to mean (m-1) months and
(d-1) days after January 1st of the year y.

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