TR: greek letters

Hi there, 

Here's the answer I got yesterday about how to include greek letters :
"[Use] Ctrl-Shift-u + hex.  It is only likely to work in the edit line,
not the cells themselves.  
It requires the "Default" input method.  Right-click in the edit line and
select that if it is not already set. You should see an underlines "u"
during this process.
This works perfectly under windows within the cells (double click) and in
axis titles. 
(If you don't have a numeric pad, keep the shift key down after pressing
Thanks to Andreas J. Guelzow and Morten Welinder. 

But let's go a bit further...
What I'd ultimately like to get is a plot with "complex" latex-like axis
titles e.g. \frac{}{}, \sqrt{}, ... 
I currently see 2 ways that could be investigated to achieve this :
1- Allow the user to use latex keywords inside the axis titles (e.g.
\L{$\alpha$}). This would require some latex processing just after the user
has chosen to save his plot as an image. 
2- (Easier) Add a new "save as" image type, e.g. xfig ( or
something similar, that would allow the user doing the change he wants a
posteriori !

What do you think ?

Thanks for your time and consideration, 

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