MinGW builds of GOffice


has anyone experience with or works on building goffice (v0.7.2) using the MinGW compiler, tools and header files? I have a minimal script to do that with v0.4.3, but the current version seems to be worse in that respect.

When it comes to compiling goffice/utils/go-file.c, the first error is about an implicit declaration of ShellExecute. I "solved" this one by checking for GOFFICE_WITH_GNOME first, so that I do not have to call the function. Simply including <windows.h> removes a few other complaints. But then FindMimeFromData is missing and I do not know where it comes from. Besides, urlmon seems to be a Visual Studio thing only as well.

I wonder whether MinGW builds are considered worthwhile from the gnumeric developer's point of view and how to proceed with the issue. Currently, I will probably have to stay with 0.4.3 :-(

-- andi5

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