Thank you

Hi dear Gnumeric developers:

I'm just sending this message --sorry to bother you-- to thank you all for the fantastic job you've done and are still doing.

I don't want to make this mail long. So let me point out some specifics:
1. Gnumeric is one of the best tools of the open source world, and probably the best on its category; despite some other are *way more promoted* options (no reason to start a flame, but it's true).
2. Gnumeric is including more and more features with each release --and in many cases better implemented-- than other commercial spreadsheets processors. At this rate, it's just a matter of time before in can compete *any* aspect with --for example-- MS Excel.
3. Gnumeric is not only copying features --nothing wrong with that-- from other software. Gnumeric innovates. You are really including new features and functions that no other spreadsheet has (specially the plotting and statistical tools).
4. There are still many things to do --you know better than I-- but Gnumeric development seems to be on the right track.
5. I'm also sending this mail because most of times, we forget all the effort you put on *free* software. We users are so ungrateful.

Well, that's all; I mean, there are obviously other great things about Gnumeric, but those are the things I was thinking right now.

Please keep up with the good work, and again thanks :)


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