gnumeric-generated ods files

My app (gretl) has a facility for reading ods files.  It was
recently drawn to my attention that this doesn't work for ods
files generated by gnumeric: gretl's zipfile-reading apparatus,
which is based on infozip version 2.32, says that the "local and
central headers disagree".

The files in question are read OK by (which
suggests that my program is at fault) but...  if you open such a
file in OpenOffice and re-save it, gretl reads it OK.  If you
round-trip, opening the new file in gnumeric and saving it, gretl
can't read it again.

I tried the experiment of running "zip -T" (test), using zip
version 2.32, on the gnumeric ods file, and it too complained that
the file was malformed.  But zip 3.0 has no complaints.

So I'm puzzled: might there be something wrong with the
gnumeric-generated files, or is the complaint from zip 2.32
(inherited by gretl) spurious?  Any elucidation would be welcome.

Allin Cottrell

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