Question about Export Control of Gnumeric

Dear Sir or Maddam

I am Tetsuo Mizoguchi of Japan.

I would like to know about export control of Gnumeric(the latest version).
Is Gnumeric subject to the EAR(Export Administration Regulations),
under which export of US products is controlled, even export from coutries
other than the USA.

In this sense, I think Gnumeric is not subjet to EAR, because it is
developed outside the USA, distrbuted from outside the USA, and US
technologies are not used.
Is this right?

Whatever the origin, Gnumeric is an open source program, and basically,
it is not subject to EAR. However, if it has an encryption function,
it may becontrolled under EAR.
In this sense, does Gnumeric have an encryption function?

I would appreciate it if you would teach me.

Yours sincerely

                        Tetsuo Mizoguchi, Tokyo

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