Re: gnumeric subversion repository query

I'm using anonymous access to my knowledge. And steps 1-4 go OK.

I've just checked that I can run

svn co gnome-common

and get an updated version. So the issue is more likely somewhere in the scripts (again!).


Adrian Custer wrote:
Any chance this is due to your ssh key being thrown out? Sounds like the
right level in the interaction. If you haven't heard, all debian derived
distros going back a couple of years were generating trivially weak keys
so everyone is resetting their ssh keys.


On Tue, 2008-05-20 at 22:14 -0400, Prof J C Nash wrote:
In retesting my build process, I'm getting
"svn: Network socket initialization failed"
at step 5/47 of the build (gnome-common).

This looks like something is wrong with the subversion server rather than at my end. Am I correct? If not, any hints where to start debugging?

Cheers, JN

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