Re: IEEE 754 compliance

The 754 standard is being updated and the result is being
voted on now, I think. It's called 754r and can be found
on the web. 16-bit and 128-bit floating point formats are
what led me to it.

Dave Feustel

On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 08:50:45AM -0400, Prof J C Nash wrote:
There are some resources for testing by Nelson Beebe at  From what I 
understand, the main issues are handling of edge effects (underflow, 
overflow, divide by 0, etc.) where compilers may do some things 
different from the standard's prescription. There is, of course, an 
interaction here with hardware that may not provide ways to get at the 
bits (literally).

In my efforts to set up some Gnumeric test worksheets, I've tried to 
contact Beebe without success. He may have retired (I believe he is 
older than I, and I'm on the brink of retirement from teaching, but not 
from Gnumeric!) 

If there is interest, and in particular an example where IEEE754 may be 
important, I'll be happy to dig a bit. I was a corresponding (ie vote by 
mail) member of the IEEE 754 committee back in late 70s. Given the 
arcane detail, it will take a bit of review for me to get fully up to speed.


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