Re: summer of code projects

This is very good news. In case it is useful (and perhaps others will add notes), I've put in some comments 
on related work:

   Mariusz Adamski : 3D Plots
        A physics senior from Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland
        who will be working with Jean to add surfaces.
-- Duncan Murdoch (Maths and Stats, U. of Western Ontario) has done quite a lot of work on the R package RGL. It does rotating 3D graphs. He's approachable and helpful. I've just done a little item on printing very large graphs with him that I put up on the wiki. R and Gnumeric have a long and friendly history.

   Daniel Hall : Audit Trails
        A CPA studying CS at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
        He will be working with Morten to extend the undo/redo code
        to provide persistence.
-- Daniel already has been in touch with me, since the / projects were a 
motivation to this (but I'm hoping Gnumeric will make them redundant!) Capturing history is not too 
difficult, capturing so it can be used easily and cleanly is, I think, likely to be quite hard. There are 
some commercial packages out there (System 7 and Wimmer Systems come to mind) that seem to be able to ask for 
very big bucks from the pharmaceutical industry for clinical trial data handling and from financial 
institutions for handling their investment analysis models etc.

   David Torne Berga : Multi-Dimensional Data Visualization
        Will be working with me on 'data slicers' (aka pivots and pilots)
-- There's a hard core of Excel users who claim this is the reason they can never use anything else. I 
believe in one close-to-home case it is the justification for spending on 100s of copies of Excel, though 
possibly only one user ever uses them -- the person controlling the purchase!

Best wishes to those working on these projects.


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