Simulation Analysis in the User's guide

I've noticed that the Simulation Analysis section of the User's Guide is empty.

Q.  Is this being worked on?

If not, I have something I'm writing while learning how to use it.  It may be suitable for the guide. 

Q: Is there someone I should contact to discuss?  I probably would need a little hand holding on converting documents into Docbook.  The intent is to have the following sections:

6.5 Simulation Analysis
6.5.1 Introduction to Simulation
6.5.2 Setting up the Simulation Model
6.5.3 Running the Simulation
6.5.4 Simulation Results
6.5.5 Using SIMTABLE

Roughly following the documentation for the solver, there is some narrative up front, then I work through an 
example taken from a simulation textbook to illustrate the use of the simulation.


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