Re: CSV datasheet import - decimal separators

Ahh perfect, thanks. It is working now. It was so simple really, I have just
been using the wrong English setting in the source format dropdown menu.

Emmanuel Pacaud wrote:

On mer, 2008-01-16 at 04:50 -0800, Izildur wrote:
Hi there

Im having some trouble importing data from csv sheets to gnumeric
1.7.12 latet windows version).
the problem are the decimal separators: the program that generates the
sheets uses . (e.g. 0.1234) while gnumeric uses , (0,1234) to be able to
calculate with it. if i select the respective columns in the import
and select "format: numbers" gnumeric either does not recognize them as
numbers or it will use only the digits following the decimal separator
(1234). if i format these cells as text they are imported as they are:
0.1234. then i thought ok, i could just search all "." and replace them
"," and it should work. well gnumeric is changing all . to , but if i
format the cells as numbers it will not work because gnumeric marks all
cells with ' (this is only displayed when a single cell is seleceted) and
the cells are consequently not recognized as numbers. 
do you have any ideas what i am doing wrong? this HAS to work (excel and
calc can do it, but is annoying to copy all the data beween several

In the text import dialog, third page, there's a Source locale combo
that let you select a locale different than the user locale for the
import. Select North America->United states/English, which has dot as
decimal separator.


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