Several questions

I have been using Gnumeric for several semesters now in the introductory
statistics class I teach.  I have been asked by the dean to teach an online
section next semester.  This means I am going to have to write out all the
labs I have been doing so that I can make them available to online students. 
I have been verbally talking them through the labs, hoping one day to find
the time to write them out.  It seems the time has come.  I want to
incorporate the instructions into set spreadsheets for each lab. Several
1)  Whenever I post a spreadsheet on my web page with a .gnumeric or .gnum
file extension, the browsers (both IE and Firefox) give me a "File not
found" error.  As far as I can tell, this is true for any file with those
file extensions.  If I save it as an Excel file, there's no problem, except
that it opens by default in Excel, which I would like to avoid.  What gives? 
Is this a problem with the server?  
2.)  Am I reinventing the wheel?  I know there are others teaching intro
statistics using gnumeric out there.  Has anyone posted freely available
labs for intro statistics?  If not, are there other instructors interested
in collaborating on a free lab manual?
3) I cannot seem to get symbol fonts to work on my system at home.  They
work under Windows XP on my office computer, but not under Ubuntu Studio
7.04 at home.  They work in Abiword, so the fonts seem to be installed, but
they won't display in Gnumeric.

Thanks much,

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