Proper libs for goffice-0.5.x and gnumeric-0.7.x

I'm building for fedora8 and to se if gnumeric-0.7.12 is stable enough
for me.

First does gnumeric need goffice-0.4.x or goffice-0.5.x? Does
gnumeric-0.7 use the new gtkprint?

When compiling goffice I see:

UI:                     Gtk (missing gnome dependencies)

What libs am I missing for gnome dependency? 

glib = 2.6.14
gtk+ = 2.6.12
pango = 2.18.2
libgsf = 1.14.7
libglade = 2.6.2
libxml = 2.6.30
libart_lgpl = 2.3.19
libgnomeprint = 2.18.1


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