Re: polynomial regression using LINEST (2nd order and higher)

Le mardi 09 octobre 2007 à 12:19 +0200, Nicolas ROUSSELON a écrit :
Any ideas about how i can do what I want without using Linest?


At the moment, the only way to do that is to add ranges (columns?) with
the x^2 and x^3 values and pass all these data to linest (you need to
pass all the x, x^2 and x^3 values as one block, and linest will return
a four column matrix).

On 10/8/07, Jean Bréfort <jean brefort normalesup org> wrote:
        Le lundi 08 octobre 2007 à 16:00 +0200, Nicolas ROUSSELON a
        écrit : 
        > Hello,
        > In XL, the linest function can be used to do a polynomial
        > (ex: LINEST(known_y's,known_x's^{1,2,3}) ).
        > I can't make it work in Gnumeric.
        > Am i doing something wrong? 
        > Can it be done?
        > Regards,
        > Nicolas
        Known bug:

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