Re: Does not oped attached XLS file (ver 1.6.3)

On 23/05/2007 4:50 AM, Mail lists wrote:

I don't know whether this is a bug or specific unsupported file
format (or may be file is corrupt). MS Excel and OpenOffice Calc
(tried Calc from OO 1.9.79, 2.0 and 2.0.4) open this file succesfully.

Gnumeric 1.7.6 on Windows also gives up with "Unsupported file format".

The file exhibits some of the usual characteristics of having been written by "quick and dirty" software. Here are some *unusual* features of the file, which may be tripping Gnumeric up:

1. It contains no FORMAT records at all. XF record #16 refers to FORMAT #43 [which is built-in, so that should be OK], and in any case XF #16 is not used on any data cells.

2. The data cell records are written in transposed order i.e. all cells in column A, then all cells in column B, etc instead of row 1, row 2, etc.



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