Re: latex export and euro sign

On Mon, 2007-07-05 at 16:23 +0100, Steve Schwartz wrote:
Hello. I've posted this to the texhax community, but it is just as
likely someone here will be able to help. For the record, I run gnumeric
1.6.3 on a suse 10.2 laptop.

I'm trying to use the latex export from gnumeric to include a table in
my latex document. I'd like to label a column with a euro symbol.
Although gnumeric will describe currency in euros, the latex export
doesn't recognise it and replaces it by a question mark :-(

So I tried to use a text string \texteuro in the gnumeric cell. In one
of my tables, that generated an unknown command \backslacstexteuro, and
I was able to define this in my preamble to actually generate a euro
sign. However, in a virtually identical gnumeric spreadsheet, the export
plugin generated $\backslash$texteuro which then fails to get recognised
as a command. I suspect that this latter behaviour is actually the
intended one as far as gnumeric is concerned, as it generates latex that
will compile and faithfully treats every character in a string,
includine "\", as a string character. I have noticed that the gnumeric
export is not always consistent in whether strings get surrounded by $'s
or not, and a few other quirks in bold, etc., but this is the first one
that is actually causing me grief.

In brief, does anyone have any experience in exporting a euro from
gnumeric and/or controlling how it handles backslashes and text?

In Gnumeric 1.7.1 and later you can use \L{\texteuro} to export
\texteuro into the created LaTeX file. \L is used as an escape for raw
\LaTeX. Without the flag the exporter assumes that you want to export
text as it appears (looks like) in Gnumeric. 

Note that the latex export may also correctly export an euro symbol if
you switch on using utf8 for that export via the Preferences (Files tab
in the preference dialog). I have not tried that.

Please file any quirks you encounter as bugs against Gnumeric in (Some of the bold quirks may be related to the fact
that some "bold" is applied to the cell (and so exported) and others to
individual characters (and I believe that is currently ignored). 

good luck

Andreas J. Guelzow
Pyrenean Shepherds

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