Re: more functions

Arnaldo Leon wrote:

Also - I don't know if the number of data points on a plot is limited
(in Excel the max is 10,000), but it would be great if we could plot
millions of points on a chart, just like matlab can.

If you need a volunteer to code this stuff up, I might be able to find
some time :)

While I don't purport to speak for the Gnumeric developers, I'd say that a patch for a bug in the bugzilla (, component Gnumeric) would be a great way to help out. In the realm of graphing, well, I've worked with multiple 10-million point plots in a single graph, and Gnumeric does it without blinking, though the SVG and PNG exports choke :) Excel won't even attempt more than 32000 rows in a graph, and Acrobat visibly lags drawing the PDF exported by Gnumeric with all the points. :D



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