Re: printing problem in 1.7.10 (FreeBSD/i386 from ports)

On Thu, 2007-21-06 at 10:01 +0200, Wojciech Puchar wrote:
i used gnumeric 1.6.* before. with 1.7.10 i can't print right.

both preview and ps output doesn't print bitmap graphics (logo) i've put 
on spreadsheet. except of this everything is OK

certain sheet objects don't print currently. That's on the to do list.

second thing - in File/Page Setup i was able to select headers/footers in 

Now there's no such thing, there is only "Page" and "Scale" menus 

Headers and Footers as well as repeating rows and columns don't work in
the moment. 

Repeating rows and columns is in the works.

Headers and Footers (at the level of 1.6) will follow...

please help

Remember that 1.7.x are development releases and so as we switch from
gnomeprint to gtk print we had some feature regression (and lots of
fixed bugs). We will hopefully catch up to the 1.6.x features soon.


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